Board of Directors

The current Friends of Monument Preserve Board of Directors:


President: Bill Normile

I became president of FOMP after riding the area for close to 10 years. I feel it was time to pay back the community for hours of enjoyment.   I hope others will read this and become inspired to do the same. My goals during my term are to increase membership and trail maintenance involvement by those that use the trail system and to keep an even better relationship with the USFS

Vice President and Social Media Director: Brian “Gram” Mullin

Brian has been a member of FOMP since 2008 but has been mountain biking in the Preserve for about 10 years. He is a biker, skier, kayaker and rock climber. He has been an avid outdoor enthusiast all his life, and his Mother and Grandmother instilled in him, the grandeur, beauty, and stewardship of nature. He came to Colorado in the mid-seventies for college and has called Colorado Springs home for the past 30 years. The Preserve holds a special place for him, and it’s his spiritual nirvana. Brian understands, and has dealt with access and advocacy issues, primarily during his rock climbing career, and has worked with the BLM, DOW and Forest Service. Besides a full-time computer career, he does professional testing, reviewing and writing on mountain bike products for TheMTBLab website.

Treasurer: Karen Jensen


Board Members at Large:

Jon Nordby

Jon has been using the trails in the Preserve since 1989, and they were a large influence why he moved next door to them in 1995.  In the early years, it was common to see him out on the trails hiking dogs in the morning, riding mountain bikes early afternoon, and finishing the day on one or more horses in the evening.  Lately, he is usually biking year-round, or out hiking and running with dogs and looking for the next trail project to get done.  Jon’s wife Kim was on the original FOMP board and helped get it all started, so Jon has been involved with FOMP since its inception, including 4 years as the VP and now in his first term as President.  Jon is trained by IMBA to build and maintain trails properly, but more importantly, he feels that we improve our methods as we continue to learn from other volunteers and the previous trail work we have done over the years.   Jon enjoys serving the community through his trail work and by working with FOMP volunteers, Scouts, school kids, and corporate volunteers to implement some of the larger projects FOMP has accomplished in and around the Preserve.  Being a software engineer during the day, Jon finds balance and sanity through working on the trails and just being out there on his favorite loop.  Chances are, he is out there as you are reading this. Join him – bring your leather gloves in case you get put to work!

Marianne LaRivee

Marianne runs or hikes almost every day in the Preserve, and has for the 6 years she has lived here.  Four years ago, she became active in the FOMP, participating in trail work, tree planting, and seedling release. Marianne LaRivee spent 21 years as an Air Force Judge Advocate with extensive legal experience in criminal litigation, contracts, claims, information and privacy law, and international law.  Retired from the Air Force, Marianne teaches Business Law as an adjunct professor at UCCS.  She lives in Monument with her husband Dave.

Bill Benson

Bill has been a member of Friends of Monument Preserve since 2004 and spending time in the preserve since 2000.  His main interests in the Preserve are hiking, trail running and Mountain biking as well as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing when conditions allow it.  Bill is passionate about taking care of our natural resources and teaching others to share in his enthusiasm for stewardship and resource protection. He has an extensive background building trails as a former Forest Service employee as well as an experienced mountain guide, forest firefighter, and mountain rescue team leader.  He has spent some time as a Boy Scout Leader as well as a youth leader always taking the opportunity to teach others about taking care of the forest.

Hermann and Nancy Spielkamp

Herman and Nancy are founding members of FOMP and have been enjoying the area known as the Nursery, Fire Center, Preserve since 1972. Hiking, mountain biking, riding horses, cross-country skiing and watching the birds and the wildflowers. Our interest is to keep the area as primitive as possible in its natural state to conserve the current wild nature with bears, mountain lions, and coyotes frequenting the area. We participate regularly in the trail work nights, the seedling planting and the dinner for the Hotshots fire jumpers. I built the horse jumps and organized the Bluebird trail (4 H group building nest boxes) and the annual clean up of the nest boxes.