Monthly Archives: July 2008

VOC Call for volunteers

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado has put in a request for help from FOMP members:

(150 volunteers needed — minimum age: 12)

The East-West Trail in Stratton Open Space, just west of Colorado Springs , is a diverse region of five ecosystems. The Parks ponderosa pine forests, scrub oak brush lands, high meadow grasslands, cattail marsh and riparian area are home to a wide variety of wildlife. Thousands of visitors utilize the park each year for its panoramic views and popular hiking and mountain biking trails. Stratton’s popularity has led to a growing network of social trails that threaten its beauty and habitats. Join your Front Range neighbors to construct and rehabilitate 4,500 feet of trail, close social trails and rehabilitate scarred areas by planting native grasses.

Right now we are really short of volunteers and we need you! Please help spread the word.

Work Day is 7:30-3:30

Click HERE to sign up individuals or groups.

Coyote Corner

This year there has been a marked increase in coyote activity in the Preserve and surrounding areas. Many of these coyote’s are attacking dogs and frequently doing so in the presence of humans. These desensitized animals are becoming a nuisance and potential safety issue to Preserve users. We have been in contact with the USFS and The Colorado Division of Wildlife and are working on a solution to these de-sensitized coyote’s. Please pay attention to yourself and your animals when you are in the Preserve. We will let you know what we work out with the various agencies as soon as possible.