Forest Revision Plan

The PSI is initiating a forest management plan revision process and is considering a variety of topics, including recreation. New policies created in the forest plan revision process will be in place for 15-20 years, making your input extremely important. Additional public collaboration opportunities will arise in the next year or two, but your comments now will lay the groundwork for the rest of this important process.

All forest users are invited to give their input. You need to speak up now an make your voice heard.

Comment cards are available online and take only a few minutes to complete.

Please mail, fax or hand deliver your comment card to any ranger district office on the PSI before March 30, 2007. For a list of locations and contact information, click here.

The PSI is requesting specific feedback on three primary questions:

1. The What: Considering what you know of the Pike and San Isabel National Forests (that may be related to places, resources, or topics of interest), a) what about the Forests do you think is working well and requires no change, and b) what about the Forests do you think should change?

2. The Why: Why should these remain the same or why should they be considered for future change?

3. The Where: Where are places that exemplify the issues raised in 1 and 2?

Thanks to USFS for the basic info at out last meeting and IMBA for some of the more specific wording which I have borrowed here.