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Gazette Article – Pike forest could be ground zero for new drilling

Today the Gazette published an article regarding oil and gas drilling in the Monument area. FOMP has been aware of this effort for nearly 5 years and has been opposed to Oil and Gas drilling on Mt. Herman since we first heard about it. Frankly, I was surprised to find that there were only 17 comments (for or against) filed during the initial comment period 4 years ago; however, I expect that to change now that we are actually about to have live drilling rigs in Monument full time. People from Manitou to Cheyenne (yes, Boulder too) are going to realize that oil and gas companies are serious about drilling all up and down the Front Range. If Dyad discovers natural gas in Monument, the battle of the Roan plateau will look like a friendly intellectual dinner table discussion.

Stay tuned.

Gazette Article – Pike forest could be ground zero for new drilling

As a partner organization with the USFS FOMP will be reviewing the EA when it becomes available in the near future and submitting comments as an organization. We encourage you to get involved and review the EA as well and make comments as individuals.

Note: I have already received several questions regarding why FOMP is opposed to this effort and I will articulate those reasons here shortly. — Thanks — Chris / FOMP Board