Letter to USFS regarding Mt. Herman Rd. repairs

Brent –

FOMP would like to object to the repairs being performed on Mt. Herman Rd. that are above and beyond the fixing of the one washed out section. The crew operating in the area is removing rocks and smoothing out the road in the entire closed section from Red Rocks Dr. to FS315. This will only serve to increase danger to pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle traffic on that road. FOMP has made USFS aware numerous times that vehicle speeds on that road are already extremely excessive with young drivers in particular performing ‘drifting’ races up and down that road endangering themseleves and others. Making the road smoother serves no purpose other than to increase the danger for everyone involved as already careless drivers will increase their speeds further. This is particularly regretful given that USFS has only one law enforcement officer in the district and can not regulalrly patrol that road for dangerous and wreckless driving. Despite our numerous requests to USFS for enforcement, to FOMP’s knowledge, no speed or other reckless driving enforcement has ever occured on Mt. herman Rd. It is also frustrating to see that USFS can find budget nearly instantly to perform road repairs but can not seem to find budget for non-motorized trails and access issues.


Friends of Monument Preserve

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