Volunteers Needed!

Welcome to almost Spring!  (again!)
FOMP has 2 great volunteer opportunities for you to get out and make a difference early this season

We have two Eagle Scout projects coming up in early April.
Each project involves planting 200 seedlings and releasing
existing seedlings from oak competition.

Jeremy Phipps is leading the first project on Saturday April
3.  If you would like to participate, please meet his group
at 0800 at the Red Rocks Ranch parking lot (intersection of
Red Rocks and Mount Herman Roads).  He plans to start with
planting, followed by seedling release after lunch.  The
planting area is west of the Mount Herman Road, accessed by
an old fireline trail approximately 600′ past the U.S.
Forest Service informational sign pullout.  The softwood
release area is also west of the road, north of the sign
pullout.  I have attached a map of these areas.

Zach Anderson will be leading his project on Saturday April
10.  Time is yet to be announced, but will likely be around
0900.  His project area is east of the Mount Herman Road,
farther south in the burn area.  I will send a map along
with more information by early next week.

Please bring gloves and water, and lunch if needed.  All
tools will be supplied.

If you want to join in but arrive late, please contact Jon
Nordby (640-1347) or Diane Strohm (232-7724), and we’ll
provide directions as to our whereabouts.

Thanks for your participation!!

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