2013 Hotshot and Helitac Crew Appreciation Dinner

Every year FOMP holds a potluck dinner for the Hotshot and Helitac crews that are based right here with us! This year it will be on April 25, at 5:30PM. [Please check back here for more details as the date grows closer or get in touch with us at info@fomp.org to get involved!]

Both the the Monument Hotshot Crew and the Monument Helitack crew will be there, so we expect 30 very hungry young men and women + anyone else that attends.  Everyone knows how hard they worked last year and we want to give them a big welcome back and remind them of our support.  So far w have the following commitments:

Drinks: (2) people

Main Dishes:  (6)

Side Dishes/Salads:  (2)

Desserts:  (2)

As you can see, we could use a few more salads or desserts, or really anything people are willing to provide.  If anyone else can, please contact Marianne LaRivee at 719-481-5936 or dmlarivee@comcast.net.  You can drop off your food at her house Thursday afternoon, or at the Fire Center Classroom between 4:30 and 5:30.

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