July 2015 Upcoming Events

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

1) July Trail Night
2) 2nd Annual Devin John Seifert Memorial Clean Up & Lunch

1) July Trail Night: 
Tuesday July 14 at 6:00 PM 

FOMP is pleased to be holding our first volunteer trail work and tree trimming/seedling release work session of 2015!

[Note: We really need volunteers to come out even if it is only once per year. We need new faces to help us maintain our trails – have you been out enjoying the trails this year? Please consider spending one evening per year giving back so we can keep the trails open and in great shape! — Thanks!]

We will be working on trails that desperately need some TLC after our recent spring snow and rain and snow and rain and rain and hail oh my! (ok, monsoon) We will also be performing seedling release – this involves cutting back scrub oak growth and removing any remaining root balls that are sticking up that could injure people, horses, or bikes.

As is customary for summer we will also hold our monthly BOD meeting in the parking lot prior to the start of activities or on the trails while we work.

FOMP and USFS provide all necessary tools. Volunteers should wear appropriate clothing for performing outdoor landscaping type of work. Volunteers should bring leather gloves, a personal water supply, eye protection, sunscreen, and bug repellent. We meet rain or shine unless there is lightning active in the area. In the event that you are joining us late we try to leave a note at the trail head parking lot or you can callJon Nordby (719.640.1347) to find out where in the Preserve we are working that evening.

We make every effort to accommodate volunteer preferences and abilities at each event. Generally we perform activities such as water bar building or renovation, trail renovation, maintenance, and trimming, etc. So, pretty much everything from trimming back scrub oak or digging lots of dirt to moving boulders. We assign duties based on interest and capabilities. Kids are welcome to join their parents; however, we do ask that you evaluate whether this is an appropriate activity for your child or not.

Meet at the main trailhead parking lot at the corner of Mt. Herman Rd and Nursery Rd at 6:00PM! (map: http://bit.ly/FOMPMeetingSpot)

Thanks and we hope to see you out there!

2) 2nd Annual Devin John Seifert Memorial Clean Up & Lunch

The Seifert family is again honoring their sons life with a second memorial cleamn up of Mt. herman Rd. Last year over 150 volunteers cleared over 2.9 tons of trash in a single day and we need to do it again! Details from the Seifert family:

1. JOIN US FOR THE CLEAN UP – By clicking “GOING” on this Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1588569658072916/

2. HELP GET THE WORD OUT – By clicking “SHARE” the Facebook event with your friends and networks.

3. HELP FUND THE EVENT – By donating at this GoFundMe page set up for the event. Every little bit helps and there are a lot of hard costs in putting on the event: gofundme.com/yprtts

4. GET VISIBILITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS – By donating goods or services for the giveaway. Email us at cleanupfordevin@gmail.com.

5. GIVE US OTHER GREAT IDEAS – If you have any ideas on how to make the event more successful, message us at cleanupfordevin@gmail.com.

Whether you knew Devin or are just a kind passerby with a love of the outdoors, please join us for another beautiful day.

With love and in Devin’s honor,
Steve & Debbie Seifert