Santa Fe Trail East Update

Hello FOMP Members!

Please see the fantastic progress made to date on the proposed Santa Fe Trail East project. This project needs still needs your support, if you can make the meeting Monday and express your support for the project that would be fantastic! Support really helps, if the town knows you want this we will get it!

If you have question. please contact Phil – his contact info is at the below!

FOMP representative for Santa Fe Trail East:
Phil Schweizer

Developer does turn around on recreational corridor. Next public meeting Nov 2.

Greetings to fellow trail users.

This is a follow up of the Oct 14 Monument planning commission meeting. In that meeting, developer Pine Tree Properties discussed its rezoning request, from commercial to residential, of an 84 acre parcel that lies east of I-25, south of hwy 105 along both sides of the north end of Jackson Creek Parkway. At prior public meetings the developer received input to add a multi-use recreational corridor on the western edge of the property and ignored this input.

Supporters have tentatively identified it as Santa Fe Trail East/Jackson Creek trail.

At this 3rd public meeting, Pine Tree Properties verbally introduced, for the first time, the addition of an easement on the western edge and the southern edge of the development for a “trail”. This is completely new and a turnaround from the developer’s prior public position. The verbal introduction was light on details.

In a phone call Oct 27 with the developers’ representative Tim Seibert, he discussed the concept of an 8-10 foot easement that would be on western and southern property edges. This easement would allow space for a “trail”.

The next public meeting will be 6:30 PM, Monday Nov 2 at the Monument Town Hall, board of trustees. The board will decide whether or not to grant the developer’s request for rezoning based on developers sketch plan. These sketch plans are very general in nature with limited details. At this point in the process, the city will be in a powerful position. If the city grants the developer’s request for rezoning then the developer will move forward with the project details.


Pine Tree Properties has reversed its position on Santa Fe Trail East/Jackson Creek Trail. For this we applaud them, but details are thin. Supporters should again attend and affirm that a Santa Fe Trail East/Jackson Creek trail recreational corridor be a condition for granting rezoning.

If Pine Tree Properties follows thru with minimum design, then the development will be an asset to the Monument community. It will provide a model for future development and should be supported. Again supporters should attend Nov 2, 6:30 PM, Monument town hall planning meeting.

The minimum design trail should be:
A. Minimum 10 foot width on southern boundary.
B. Minimum 20 foot width on western boundary, with the most northern 50 yards being 40 foot width (to accommodate the construction challenges of the steeper slop in this area).
C. The most northern 50 yards on the west side and the most eastern 25 yards on the south side should be concrete. The balance should be crushed stone similar to Santa Fe Trail on west side of interstate.
D. Public access points: A. west side northern end. B. west side southern end. C. south side east end.
E .Pine tree properties should construct trail. Monument should commit to maintaining the trail.

Thank you
Phil Schweizer