Thank you to this years trail crew

To the awesome volunteers that joined us for trail work these past couple months:

This morning I rode out just after sunrise to check out how FS715 is doing after being given so much of our volunteer attention in June and July – I rode up and down through all the sections worked this year. Then I ran it. Then I rode a horse on it (ok, I was too lazy and out of horse shape to throw a saddle on but was fortunate enough to have a rider come by to give feedback).

Uphill and downhill was perfect – in that it was still hard and challenging, but not annoying, loose, choppy, dangerous, and blind like it was before we worked on it. What struck me is how well rocks were placed, how well the structures were thought out and implemented, how we are all choosing much bigger rocks than before, the focus on quality and durability vs quantity, and the size/shape and outslope of our drains. Plus our trimming crew nailed it with sitelines up there, take a look at the U-turn to the right as you go uphill, approx 100 yards above where we worked this past week. Excellent!

I am honored to have so many caring, hard-working, talented people to work with out there. FOMP is fortunate to have great leadership, and recently trained trail crew leaders. But you guys and gals showing up on Tuesdays, and implementing these trail projects, is what makes FOMP a success.

Looking forward to working with all of you soon,

Sincere Thanks,
Jon Nordby.