March 2023 BOD Meeting

FOMP is pleased to announce our March 2023 Board Meeting

Meeting Time:
Tuesday, March 14th at 7:00 PM

We are doing a Zoom meeting. If you want to attend, please go ahead and RSVP to, and more login details will be provided.

 Board Member Updates

  • President and Vice President update.
  • Secretary and Treasurer update.


  • Fire Mitigation Updates
  • Tool Updates
  • BOD Updates

Open Discussion



2 thoughts on “March 2023 BOD Meeting

  1. Suzanne Stahlbuhk

    Thank you for the fire mitigation statement that FOMP published. It was very well stated without being uselessly inflammatory .
    We live very close to the forest and would like to be part of the restoration effort for the trail system. We can do some hand work, but primarily we would be able to provide tractor work on the flatter open areas.
    It seems that machinery tires have all ready made there mark, so maybe tractor work will be acceptable. We will follow the restoration efforts on the FOMP Facebook site, but please reach out if a tractor is needed.

    1. gram Post author


      Although the contractors were obviously using machinery, FOMP cannot use mechanized devices on the USFS property. It’s part of our volunteer agreement with the USFS.



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