USDA Forest Service Integrated Management of Target Shooting on the Pike National Forest Update

We have included the information below, though you can refer to the actual document here:

IMTS Extended Scoping Period cover letter signed.pdf

Dear Interested Party,

The Forest Service is seeking comments on the revised Integrated Management of Target Shooting on the Pike National Forest Project. The revised Integrated Management of Target Shooting proposed action addresses the need to provide opportunities for target shooting on National Forest System lands, to identify areas unsuitable for dispersed target shooting, to identify locations to be developed as shooting ranges, and to establish a conditions-based adaptive management framework to manage target shooting in the future.

Dispersed target shooting — where forest visitors set up targets and practice shooting in an undesignated, undeveloped location — is a legal use of National Forest System lands that increased in popularity over the past decade. Unfortunately, the number of forest visitors who shoot in an unsafe manner has also increased. These activities have resulted in increasing levels of resource damage, shooting-related wildfires, injuries, and at least one fatality.

The Forest Service has developed three alternatives which include: the no action alternative, where no changes would be made in the management of target shooting activities; the proposed action, which would identify and close areas unsuitable for dispersed target shooting activities, develop at least one shooting range on each ranger district (meaning a minimum of three shooting ranges, nine potential sites identified), and define an adaptive management framework to manage target shooting in the future; and a reduced-closure alternative, which is the same as the proposed action but would close a smaller amount of area to target shooting. The project will not affect legal hunting activities.

The revised proposed action and added alternative, with some preliminary analyses, are available for review on the project website at To obtain a hard copy of the documents, please contact Jennifer DeWoody, NEPA Planner, at (970) 568-2692 or via email at

How to Comment and Timeframe

Comments concerning the changes to the project are being requested as part of the extended scoping period. Comments should be received by December 28, 2023 to be fully considered in the project analysis. Individuals and organizations wishing to be eligible to object must meet the information requirements of 36 CFR 218.25, including specific written comments as defined in 218.2 regarding the proposed project, along with supporting reasons (218.25 (a)(3)(iii)). Individuals or representatives of an entity submitting timely and specific written comments regarding this project must either sign the comments or verify identity upon request (218.24(b)(8)). All written comments received by the responsible official become a matter of public record (218.25(b)(2)).

Comments may be submitted electronically by visiting the project webpage and clicking the link “Comment/Object on the Project”. Please follow instructions carefully. Alternatively, comments may be mailed to: Target Shooting Project, Attn: Jennifer DeWoody, 601 South Weber Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903; delivered to the address shown above during business hours (M-F 8:00am to 4:30pm); or submitted by FAX (719) 477-4233. For additional information, please contact Jennifer DeWoody, NEPA Planner, 601 S. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903, by phone at (970) 568-2692, or via email

Thank you for your interest in the management of National Forest System lands.

Acting, Forest & Grassland Supervisor