Successful Trail Crew Weekend!

The weekend of 9/30 – 10/1 FOMP held two trail work sessions.

On Saturday September 30 the all volunteer crew worked on perhaps everyones favorite trail – Mad Hatter/Rolly Polly/Twister. The crew worked to remove some old Gambel Oak roots that were a danger to hikers, runners, equestians, and bikers. The roots were sticking straight up where brush had been trimmed back last winter. The crew then proceeded to perform some sorely needed repairs on the trail where water had eroded the trail. Part of the historic flume trail was re-opened diverting traffic around a dry creek bed. This allowed the crew to restore the correct flow of water into the old flume and hopefully prevent further damage to this fantastic trail.

On Sunday the crew worked on the creek crossing from the spring to the pond. An ad-hoc bridge was causing water to flow down the trail and away from the pond. The crew removed the ad-hoc bridge and built a sustainable check damn/water bar that allows water to freely flow into the pond rather than down the trail. Several other rolling grade dip style water bars were then installed East of the pond to limit damage to the trail.

Special Thanks to al the volunteers, we can’t do it without you!

Saturday 30-Sept

  • Kim Nordby
  • Heidi McClure
  • Jerry Woerdeman
  • Nancy SpeilKamp
  • Herman SpeilKamp
  • Dan Cuvala
  • Dennis Manning
  • Chris Tirpak
  • Jon Nordby
  • Mike Temple

Sunday 1-Oct

  • Kim Nordby
  • Jon Nordby
  • Chris Tirpak
  • Drew Wacker
  • Luke LaBella
  • Kevin LaBella
  • Julie Lawton

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