Tree Project this Saturday

We are in a dry spell and it looks like it won’t let up soon.
FOMP members planted 200 pine seedlings in mid-April this year, about
1/3 mile West of Memorial Grove centered around where the trail turns
sharply South and starts its climb to the rocky ridge and traverses
Southwest to 715. We’d like to get some water up to them on this
Saturday, 14-June, at 8am. Jon will have a pickup at Nursery and
Schilling with a horse trough full of water (non-potable!) if folks
would be willing to show up with some plastic jugs and packs to help
these trees through the dry spell. These seedlings are pretty easy to
spot – they were protected from wildlife by yellow-weave basket material
and were planted in natural breaks in the scrub oak. You can spot a few
from the trail even – they are spread out from there covering about 3
acres in a rough circle. We plan to only be at this an hour – a few
folks on bikes might get a couple round trips in. Families welcome! If
you arrive late, fill up with water from the truck, and hike up the road
to Memorial Grove. From there, continue West on the trail about another
1/3rd mile and you’ll find folks in there searching for trees. Bring a
garden shovel to help mulch and build berms to hold runoff near these
trees. Even if you can make that area part of your Saturday walk or
ride, bring a spare water bottle and dump it on a seedling up there.

Questions/Comments to Jon Nordby at 719-640-1347.

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