Mt. Herman Rd. Cleanup

USFS Closes Mt. Herman Road to recreational shooting!

The USFS has listened to and stepped up for the community and closed Mt. Herman Rd and many of the spur roads between Monument and Rampart Range Road to recreational shooting.  It is time for us to support them in this decision and help clean up and restore Mount Herman. Information and maps about the closure are linked below.

More importantly we need you to come join us and help with the cleanup and restoration efforts.

FOMP is organising trash cleanups at the recently closed shooting areas on Saturday July 12th from 8am-noon and Tuesday July 15th 6pm-dusk (this will replace our regularly planned trail work and seedling release work session).  The main area we will be working is approximately 4.5 miles from the main parking lot up Mount Herman Road (MHR).  If you are unclear where this area is , just wear leather gloves and sturdy footwear (there will be broken glass and other similar hazards), bring a rake and personal water supply (a hat, bug spray and sunscreen  are also good ideas) and head up MHR until you see us.  We are purposely only going half a day because this cleanup, involving up to 16 distinct areas all the way to Rampart Range Road, will take the rest of the season to get cleaned up and restoration started.  Show up for the entire time if you can or just an hour or two, or even just bike-hike-run-horse ride on through and fill a bag up on your way. Every little bit helps!

If you have any questions about the cleanup effort please contact Jon Nordby (719.640.1347) or Chris Tirpak (719.439.8865). Large groups are welcome so rally your group and come join us. 

Additional Information on the closure can be found on these posts on the website:

Recreational Shooting Closure Maps and Order

Recreational Shooting Closure Implemented on Pikes Peak District

Thanks and we hope to see you out there soon!

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