Feb 2019 BOD Meeting Minutes

Feb 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes. (click to expand)


Friends of the Monument Preserve
Board Meeting
February 12, 2019


  • Karen Jensen was elected as treasurer, and Carissa Gallardo was elected as secretary. The vote was unanimous.


  • FOMP will sell or give them away to volunteers on Trail Night.

President’s Report

  • Bill Normile met with Randy Phillips: The North trails are now closed, re-routes in the Spring.
  • The MOU was signed last April—Normile will check for any expiration date.
  • MOU provides liability coverage in case of a volunteer accident.
  • Bill Normile attended a meeting regarding shooting on Forest property. They are trying to create areas for shooting. FOMP needs a representative to attend these meetings.  John                    Nordby will attend these meetings.
  • Bill Benson has resigned as Vice President. Brian Mullin was nominated, and the election will be held in March.

Bird Houses

  • Herman Spielkamp will work with the 4H club to clean birdhouses. The Board unanimously approved $250 for materials.

Treasurer Report

  • Jensen will be given the records as soon as Bill Normile recovers them from the past treasurer.


  • January 7, 2019 minutes approved as submitted.

Trail Report

  • We need to identify trail focus for summer.
  • A calendar needs to be available by March.
  • Jon Nordby will meet after the Board meeting for trail work planning.
  • We also need some Saturdays planned (2-4 Saturdays)

Update next month

  • Trail names.
  • Trail markers.
  • Do we want to put a QR code for Trailforks?
  • Dog waste.
  • FOMP policy is no leashes on dogs.
  • President recommends that Steve Pate talks with Carissa regarding the Friends of Palmer Lake interface.


  • Brian Mullin
  • Bill Normile
  • Jon Nordby
  • Jeff Light
  • Art Fuellenbach
  • Karen Jensen
  • Marianne LaRivee
    • Lynda Pate
    • Steve Pate
    • Larry Post (CMC)
    • Wendy Anderson
    • Hermann Spielkamp
    • Nancy Spielkamp