Updates: Continued Vehicle Break-Ins Reported Around the Monument Fire Center


The Colorado Springs INDY covered one person’s issues after a being a victim of a break-in at the Fire Center: Hiking Bob: Trailhead burglary turns hiker into sleuth

A big shout out to Bob Falcone (aka Hiking Bob) for the coverage on the topic.

Update: Be on the lookout for a dark mid-sized SUV, maybe an Explorer, or similar vehicle in and around the trailheads. Two men escaped after a neighbor witnessed them smashing and grabbing a car across the street near the Red Rocks Drive trailhead.

We have heard of continued reports of multiple vehicle break-ins around various locations at the Monument Fire Center. Property, credit cards, IDs, etc., have been stolen, with some of the cards being fraudulently used at local stores.

Please note that this area is not under the jurisdiction of the Town of Monument Police (outside the city limits) and is instead taken care of by the El Paso County Sheriff. If you have been a Smash and Grab victim please call the Sheriff’s office.

If you are a victim of any sort of a break-in, report it!

Please be careful, and take all valuables with you when you bike, hike or run. In addition, keep anything like packs, purses, etc., hidden and out of sight. Watch your surroundings and note anything odd in the parking lot, including suspicious vehicles or people. 

El Paso County Sheriff: Non-Emergency Dispatch Phone Line(719) 390-5555