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Tim Watkins Bicycle Mechanic Scholarship

FOMP is proud of this endeavor to honor and celebrate Tim Watkins as he was a huge part of our group and community. He was prolific and extremely instrumental in trail building throughout the Monument and Palmer Lake region, and he constructed many of the existing trails in the work center that a multitude of users now enjoys. I personally knew Tim for over three decades and his smile, laughter, love, friendship, selflessness, sweetness and warmth are greatly missed. 

Tim Virgil Watkins Nov 17, 1956, to Sept 17, 2017

Donate to the Tim Watkins Mechanic Scholarship

In cooperation with Kids on Bikes, Barnett Bicycle Institute, Trails End Taproom, and the Watkins family we are excited to bring into existence the “Tim Watkins Bicycle Mechanic Scholarship“. We are looking to start the initial fund of this scholarship through this fundraiser. This amount will be for two students.

Tim Watkins was a respected bike mechanic at multiple shops across Colorado Springs and started his own shop several years ago in Monument called Balanced Rock Bike and Ski.

He is credited with helping establish many of the trails west of Palmer Lake and he mentored and taught countless people the fundamentals of riding. Seeing only fit that Tim existed to further mountain biking, this scholarship aims to do the same.

Local COS recipients will be equipped with the expertise and connections from this scholarship. Recipients will be able to affect and change the Colorado Springs bike community. Through hands-on learning, component-by-component study, and formal lecture, scholarship recipients come away with the skills to advance their careers in the bike industry, gain advanced mechanical knowledge and deepen their bike industry network.

The scholarship funding will be maintained by friends of Tim Watkins along with Trails End Taproom. Kids on Bikes will select the recipients of the scholarship with their strong understanding of the community and those that best fit the model. Barnett Bicycle Institute, the leading mechanic school in the country, will train and equip recipients.



Trails and Trees Postponed!

As I write this it is 38F and light scattered rain … so we will be postponing our trail work and tree work session until Tuesday May 20 at 6pm.

We will hold out board meeting this evening at 7pm in the Fire Center Classroom. That is the first building on the right when you drive into the fire center. Board meetings are open to the public, please feel free to join us.


Note: our server time appear to be an hour early …. maybe its fixed …

Board Meeting – 2008 Calendar – and much more

Hello everyone!

Spring is here and Friends of Monument Preserve is about to get into full swing for the upcoming season. There are quite a few things planned and we will discuss those at the board meeting tomorrow night. The calendar is linked on the right and has all the details.

Here are few important notes:

Board Meeting – tomorrow 4/8 at 7:00PM

  1. Among other agenda items will be the USFS law enforcement officer Tom Healy will drop in to talk about recent vandalism in the Preserve
  2. FRERC – gas drilling discussion. If Chris Amenson is able to make the meeting we’ll ask him to update FOMP on the progress and activities to date. Chris and FRERC are doing a great job coordinating various parties interested in the upcoming oil and gas

Upcoming Events – Lots of volunteer opportunities! Dates and contact info is in the calendar section at the end.

  1. Tree Planting Project – this coming weekend!! Volunteers needed, see the calendar for more information.
  2. Trail Work begins April 19 – see the calendar for more information.
  3. Hot Shot dinner. Volunteers needed, see the calendar for more information.
  4. Memorial Grove Ceremony. Volunteers needed, see the calendar for more information.

Hope to see you there!
Chris Tirpak