Board Meeting 08-23-2006 – Minutes

In attendance:

Chris Tirpak, Jon Nordby, Kim Nordby, Janna Preheim, Amy Smith, Bill Benson, Herman Spielkamp

  • Discussed cleaning up the pond. Amy will investigatge various treatment options.
  • Limbaugh Canyon update – the Canyon 40 purchase/swap is still moving through the USFS system. The Nevins family is still interested in making it happen and all parties are waiting for assessments to be completed. Forecast is late 2007 with a trail re-opening in early 2008.
  • Amy Smith has completed the newsletter. We reviewed and approved the newsletter to go out, our first in 2+ years. Thanks Amy!
  • All board members are going to try and get 2 corporate sponsors signed up and participating in a member benefits program.
  • Trails – Jon reports (and everyone agrees) the Preserve trails have taken a pounding from the heavy rains this summer. Suggested and agreed to hold two additional trail work days this fall. Remaining trail schedule is as follows:
    • September 12 – Tuesday – 6pm – this will probably be the last weekenight for the year
    • September 30 – Saturday – 9am – 12pm
    • October 1 – Sunday – 1pm – 4pm
  • Meeting Adjourned

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