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Newsletter is Out!

Well after a long hiatus and some misplaced records we have finally published the Summer 2006 FOMP newsletter. Many thanks to Amy Smith for taking on and doing a super job with the newsletter. Amy also reconstructed and re-computerized the FOMP membership database.

And with that complete we’d like to ask everyone to join or renew thir membership in FOMP. We don’t have an enourmous budget but we do need to buy occasional supplies, tools, and signs so every bit helps. We are working on a package of discounts with local merchants as a membership benefit. The membership page will list them soon. You memebership will run through 2007 so please join now! All membershipas are tax deductible. The form is downloadable on the membership page. Join FOMP today!

You can download the Summer 2006 newsletter right here. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader.